Episode Enyo – DEATHMATCH Guide

🕊 Playing Deathmatch on Slave Zero X: Episode Enyo - A Quick Guide! 🎮

Ready to dive into the Deathmatch map of Slave Zero X: Episode Enyo? We've got a step-by-step guide to ensure you seamlessly enjoy the chaotic and action-packed bot battles. Please note that while multiplayer isn't directly supported, you can still have a blast with bots on PC. Please note, the method below may not be applicable to consoles.

Before You Begin:


  1. Download HD Version:
    • Visit the itch page and download the "HD version" for the source ports.
  2. Extract to Quake Rerelease Folder:
    • Extract the downloaded files under the "rerelease" folder for Quake in Steam.
    • The path should look like this: steam/steamapps/common/quake/rerelease.
  3. Rename the Folder:
    • Rename the folder from "enyo" to "enyohd" (or any unique name) to avoid conflicts with the re-release version.
  4. Launch Quake Through Steam:
    • Launch the Quake game through Steam using the re-release version.
  5. Open Console and Load Map:
    • Open the console with "~" and type game enyohd or the name you assigned.
    • In the console, type the following commands in order: deathmatch 1, maxplayers 10, and then map eedm1.
  6. Bot Action Time:
    • Congratulations! You are now in the Deathmatch map.
    • Type "addbot" on the console for as many bot players as you desire.
  7. Frag Away:
    • Get ready for intense battles and frag your way to victory!

Alternative Method:

  • Extract the eedm1 map and its bot files from the pak file using proper tools and import them into the kex version. This method is more complex.

Some Thoughts:

  • Enjoy the weapon balance and the Wings powerup for a thrilling Deathmatch experience.
  • Bot navigation might not be perfect, but it's designed to be playable.
  • The map is called "eedm1 - Garbage Day".

Final Note:

  • While online multiplayer isn't officially supported, we hope you have a blast with the bot-filled Deathmatch experience in Slave Zero X: Episode Enyo!

🔫 Happy Fragging!

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