We're Developers and Artists who like to help out.

Since 2012, Poppy Works has helped our global partners break into new spaces, ship their games across PC and consoles and optimize their work to improve play experiences.

Services and co-development is Poppy Works’ primary business – something that we enjoy & excel at.
The Services team has worked on a wide range of projects using an even wider range of technologies and art directions.​


Production quality art and code. We’ve worked on codebases both old and new. Need porting or additional features? A whole game from scratch? We’ve worked with other engines and our own, written and designed custom tools and editors.


We’re pretty quick! Need something playable ASAP? Using a cross platform prototyping engine built from scratch, we can make your idea playable. Test, iterate, design, experiment, or get something ready to shop around for producers. 

Our low level engine tech is all networked, meaning online multiplayer is easy and fast. Parameterized automatic level generation means you can test across an endless variety of maps without having to waste any time making them. 

With our experience, nothing is out of scope.


We’ve been there! 

We are experienced with all manner of platforms and targets, including pre-release hardware. 

Since our founding, we’ve worked on a total of 18 platforms for global releases both for digital and physical retail delivery.

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