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Release Date: February 21, 2024

Unleash Combos in a Biopunk Dystopia

From the top of Megacity S1-9, the Sovereign Khan rules with fists of iron and flesh. Beneath the city’s rotting foundations, a vengeful warrior embarks on a journey to murder him.

4 years prior to the events of the original story, Slave Zero X brings new life to a world where horrific, living machines known as Slaves are primed to become the latest tools of war in humanity’s long and bloody history.

A secret band of warriors known as The Guardians hope to stop these biomecha from being unleashed upon the world, but one swordsman among their ranks has a different idea: use the enemy’s own weapon against them. By merging with a stolen Slave Unit Prototype, Shou will become a furious Devil in pursuit of killing a false God.

Use swift swordplay, explosive ordnance, and stylish combos against an army of meat and metal.

Air juggling, dashes, and frequent target switching allow for you to take down foes of any size while wall-jumping and platforming can help you outmaneuver your enemies.

Conquer mini-bosses, set pieces, and climactic 1-on-1 encounters that offer intense challenges against unforgettable villains.


Use the Training Room to hone precise and powerful moves to string together devastating attack sequences.

A 90s-inspired soundtrack features heavy Drum’n’Bass and funky industrial music that adds to the thrill of combat.

A unique visual aesthetic combines nostalgic 2D sprites with an advanced lighting system and stylized 3D environments.

 After completing the campaign, further challenges await in an expansive and frenetic ‘Bloody Palace’ procedural challenge tower with an online high score leaderboard.


System Requirements

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

Contains animated depictions of violent and gory content that may not be appropriate for all audiences.
© 2022-2023 Ziggurat Interactive, Inc. Published by Ziggurat Interactive, Inc. Developed by Poppy Works. Slave Zero is a trademark of Ziggurat Interactive, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All rights reserved.

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